Time to make a change: our corporate environmental actions.
We live our values.

Parts of a white iceberg from above, surrounded by dark greenish water.

Our environmental responsibility

Looking at the state of the planet today, it’s clear that governments, businesses and individuals need to take action to become more sustainable. At DCZ, we see taking environmental action as our responsibility, and our small contribution to counteracting climate change. By practising environmental sustainability, we’re constantly working towards our goal of doing our part for the preservation and protection of endangered habitats.

It’s our mission to live these values day-to-day through practical measures, and inspire our clients and other companies to join our efforts. There are two main ways we’re acting towards these goals.

Donating to environmental charities

As a business, we’ve decided to donate a part of each contract fee to projects for environmental protection, partnering with the NGO ThankU. This way we’re able to financially support local, on-the-ground climate action, as well as involving our clients in the donation process. Inspiring other companies by showing how easy making sustainable changes really is creates a win-win situation for our working relationship, and the planet. That’s why, as a DCZ client, you can choose one of three key climate action areas you would like your donation to go towards.


Choose your contribution

As a DCZ client, you can choose which area of climate action your donated fee will support:

A forest with a smaller river from bird's eye view

planting trees

Swimming school of fish in ocean under water surface

cleaning the ocean from plastic waste

Bird's eye view of a group of flamingos standing in a body of water

protection of endangered habitats

More information

Find out more about each initiative your donation will support here.


Here is what our client donations have already achieved:

Status: June 2024

Our green office initiatives

As part of our steps towards a carbon-neutral lifestyle, we’ve also made small changes in our daily working lives. We’re constantly working towards reducing out environmental footprint to a minimum and reducing waste wherever we can in our office space. In an effort towards becoming a truly sustainable green office, we’ve taken the following steps so far:

  • moving to an office location we can reach on foot or by bike
  • technical improvements and changes to drastically reduce electricity consumption
  • sourcing electricity from a green electricity provider
  • choosing a green host for this website, and choosing low electricity-use design
  • minimising paper consumption and sourcing any necessary paper from eco-friendly providers:
    • our paper and envelopes that are made from recycled paper
    • we print with a sustainable print shop
    • we use a CO2 neutral ink-based printer

We are progressing at a good pace, but there is still potential for improvements. Our ambition is to reduce our office’s carbon footprint to zero step by step, and to compensate for our CO2 emissions.