Resilience in the DACH startup ecosystem 🌱

The past few years have brought uncertainties for startups and the VC market, but the DACH startup ecosystem has shown resilience. With the ECB’s first interest rate cut and declining inflation in 2024, a positive turnaround is on the horizon.

Stabilised funding in a changing landscape
According to NGP Capital’s DACH Startups Decoded Vol. 2024 report, funding levels have stabilised after the downturn in 2022, averaging $2.5-$3.2 billion per quarter.

Germany leads the DACH region
Germany dominates with 75.2% of the region’s total venture capital, while Switzerland leads with $247 in funding per capita.

AI and Deeptech as game changers 🚀
Investment in AI and deeptech is on the rise, with AI startups securing a 114% increase in funding in Q1 2024.

Opportunities for biotech
The rise of AI and industrial tech presents significant opportunities for the biotechnology sector. Challenges include navigating bureaucracy, securing growth funding and attracting top talent.