Beyond the Elevator Pitch | Start-up Stories | Part 1

🌱 How can an ancient plant revolutionize sustainable production?
🗨️ Algoliner has the answer.

DCZHeadhunterAngels, we celebrate the drive and creativity of biotech entrepreneurs. That’s why we delve behind the elevator pitch of interesting start-ups.

Today we take a look at Algoliner.
🎯 The mission: Algoliner is committed to harnessing the incredible
potential of microalgae to drive sustainable innovation across multiple
industries. Its mission is to create a more efficient, eco-friendly
solution for the production of food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and animal feed
supplements, while drastically reducing water consumption and CO2 emissions.

🚀Technological innovation: The company has developed a
unique, patented technology that revolutionizes photobioreactor production. The system produces tube profiles on site, eliminating traditional connectors and reducing raw material usage by 60%. This innovation lowers production costs and improves the environmental footprint of the reactors, making them CO2 negative in less than two years.

Read the full interview with the founder Hans Väth and get the inside story of Algoliner.