🌱 Announcement of our 2023 Biotech Sustainability Study🌱

Dive into investor perspectives regarding the significance of sustainability in influencing their investment decisions for a company

After the success of our 2022 Green Paper on “Sustainability in Biotechnology,” we’re back with a fresh focus for 2023. This time, we’re diving into the crucial link between sustainability, CSR, and investor expectations in biotech.
Our upcoming sustainability survey aims to capture the nuanced perspectives of investors and explore the factors that drive their decisions when considering investments in biotech companies. Specifically, we’re investigating the dynamic interplay between sustainability and investment decisions, tracking the transformation of companies into sustainable entities, and unveiling the shifts already underway.

🔍 What are investors’ expectations for sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) in biotech companies?

📈 How does sustainability impact investments, innovation, and competitiveness?

Our 2023 Biotech Sustainability Study is in full swing, and we’re inviting YOU to contribute your perspectives, insights, and recognized trends!

📢 Interested in joining? Get in touch with us, and we’ll send you a direct link to the survey.