Feedback from our clients


I have had the pleasure of working with Svea and the DCZ team. It seemed so easy and fluent. In a few sessions I was at the site taking the interview. It was so straightforward, seamless, even adjusting to the customer’s needs in the process. In record time the C-level position contract was signed.  I am glad to have worked with Svea and have no hesitation recommending her and the DCZ team.

Ctibor K., March 2024


I have had the pleasure of working with Julia and the DCZ team for the last two months. Julia identified, contacted, and connected me with a company for a perfect position. The collaboration was professional, effective, straightforward, and successful. Throughout the interviewing process I received excellent support, the team was there for me when needed without putting any pressure. I am glad to have worked with Julia and have no hesitation recommending her and the DCZ team.

Gudrun V., August 2023

Biotechnology Company

I have experienced exceptional collaboration with DCZ as candidate for a commercial position myself as well as sales director looking for competent individuals to expand my team. Due to their excellent network and experience in the life science business they were always able to present competent candidates that fit the actual job profile and company culture. Interaction and communication was uncomplicated and straight forward starting from the alignment on the candidate profile, to selection and presentation of appropriate candidates and finalizing of recruitment process. DCZ has a highly people-centric approach that goes beyond matching skills and experience to a position.

Oliver G., February 2023

Director Sales
Biotechnology Company

Finding a Job is not always as easy as people might think, especially for a foreigner living abroad. There are different steps that you need to consider finding a job that fulfills your expectations. I was lucky to have DCZ as a consultant during my job hunting. Their knowledge of the life sciences market, as well as their recruiting expertise, helped me find my current job. During our collaboration, I felt well looked after and advised. They were always there to answer my questions and provided me with excellent feedback. I am thankful to DCZ for making my job-hunting process enjoyable.

Maria S., January 2021

Product Manager
Molecular Diagnostics