Beyond the Elevator Pitch | Inside Start-up Stories | Part 2

💉 How can revolutionary immunotherapies empower T cells to become ultimate warriors against viruses, bacteria, and cancer? 💡Belyntic GmbH has the answer.

As DCZHeadhunterAngels, we celebrate the drive and creativity of biotech entrepreneurs. That’s why we delve behind the elevator pitch of interesting start-ups and regularly feature them in our posts.

Today we take a look at Belyntic.

🎯 Belyntic is pioneering tomorrow’s cures today by developing cutting-edge T cell-inducing vaccines to fight viral and bacterial infectious diseases. Their mission is to provide therapeutic and preventive vaccines that empower the body to combat existing infections and offer lasting protection against reactivation and reinfection. Unlike conventional vaccines that focus primarily on antibodies, their innovative approach emphasizes the crucial role of T cells in eliciting cellular immune responses. Through this strategy, they aim to supply vaccines that deliver both immediate and long-term defense for individuals at risk.

📖Read the full interview with the co-founder Andreas Regnery and get the inside story of Belyntic.